Product Review of the Bissell SteamShot Deluxe: A Top-Rated Handheld Steam Cleaner

Published on 3 April 2024 at 18:54

Author:  Kelly Lowthian

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I'm thrilled to share my experience with a household gem that has revolutionized my cleaning routine – the Bissell SteamShot Deluxe.  The little power-house initially caught my attention for its promise to handle various cleaning tasks, but it's more than just a run-of-the-mill handheld steam cleaner – it's a dynamo equipped to tackle any kind of surface, windows, clothing, and more!


When I purchased this handheld steam cleaner I was happy before even using it because it was extremely easy to assemble.  No tools needed!  Just attach the hose, pick your attachment, fill the water tank and voila . . . you’re ready to start steaming!


Quick Disclaimer:  While the product review is of the SteamShot Deluxe, I've included photos throughout the post of both the SteamShot and the SteamShot Deluxe.  The difference between the two can be narrowed down to the attachments.  Both steamers come with 1 accessory nozzle, 3 detail brush tools, 1 flat scraping tool, 1 angle concentrator and 1 grout brush tool.  The SteamShot Deluxe also comes with an extension hose, a fabric steamer and a window squeegee tool.  

The Attachments

The attachments make the Bissell SteamShot Deluxe a versatile and adaptable cleaning tool for a wide range of surfaces and tasks. From windows and clothing to grout lines and tight corners, each attachment serves a specific purpose, contributing to the overall effectiveness of this handheld steam cleaner.  The SteamShot Deluxe comes with several attachment heads which are listed here along with a brief description of different ways each one can be used.

Three Color-Coded Round Scrubbing Brushes

Red Scrub Brush:  ideal for tackling tough, stubborn stains and grime.  Used on surfaces like oven interiors.


Black Scrub Brush:  versatile and suitable for everyday cleaning and removing light stains like soap scum and grease buildup.  Works well on countertops, sinks, and other hard surfaces.


Green Scrub Brush:  this brush has softer bristles making it perfect for delicate surfaces like glass shower doors and mirrors.  Great for maintaining surfaces without causing scratches.

Window Squeegee Kit

The window squeegee attachment is designed to effortlessly clean windows and mirrors. The steam helps dissolve grime and dirt, while the squeegee ensures a streak-free, crystal-clear finish. This attachment is perfect for achieving a sparkling shine on glass surfaces throughout your home.  

Fabric Steamer 

The fabric steamer tool is a fabulous for refreshing and de-wrinkling clothing items. Instead of using a separate garment steamer, this attachment lets you quickly and efficiently steam your clothes, saving time and effort. It's a versatile tool for maintaining a crisp and neat wardrobe.  This could also be used for curtains and upholstery.

Grout Brush

The grout brush attachment is ideal for tackling those hard-to-reach spaces between tiles. The steam combined with the brush effectively removes built-up grime and dirt from grout lines, revitalizing the appearance of tiled surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms.  I have very old tile in my home (52 years old to be exact) and was so happy to find a tool that could help me bring it back to life.

Angle Concentrator Tool

The angle concentrator tool is designed for precision cleaning in tight spaces and corners. Its pointed nozzle directs steam to specific areas, making it effective for removing stubborn dirt and grime in narrow or hard-to-reach spots. Use it for targeted cleaning on various surfaces.  I used it to shoot the grime right out of dirty window sills and it worked like a dream.

Product Features

The Bissell SteamShot Deluxe is a versatile handheld steam cleaner designed to simplify your cleaning routine. With a powerful 1000-watt heating element, it quickly heats up water.   It's 6.6-ounce water tank provides up to 20 minutes of continuous steam, while the ergonomic design and lightweight construction ensure comfortable handling during use.  Here are some additional features which make it a top-rated product.

Chemical-Free Cleaning

I think this is one of the reasons I love this machine so much.  Cleaning with steam offers the ability to sanitize surfaces without the need for harsh chemicals. Steam effectively eliminates bacteria, viruses, and germs by using high temperatures, making it a powerful and eco-friendly cleaning method. The absence of chemicals not only contributes to a healthier indoor environment but also reduces the environmental impact associated with traditional cleaning agents. Additionally, steam cleaning provides a thorough and deep clean, reaching into crevices and hard-to-reach areas that conventional methods might miss. By harnessing the natural power of steam, you not only achieve a sparkling clean home but also create a bacteria-free environment.

Quick Heat Up Time & Ergonomic Design

The steam shot is ready for action within about 5 minutes of plugging it in.  Beyond versatility, the steam cleaner boasts an ergonomic design for comfortable use. Its handheld structure fits snugly in your hand, facilitating easy maneuvering across various surfaces.  The cord is 21 ft long which allows you to move around freely without having to stop and find another outlet.

Steam On-Demand Trigger

The steam on-demand trigger deserves mention. It provides users with control over the steam output, allowing for customized cleaning. Whether you need a gentle steam for delicate surfaces or a powerful burst for tough stains, the trigger lets you tailor the steam output to specific cleaning requirements.

Safety Lock Feature

Safety Lock Feature:  Prioritizing safety, the Bissell Steam Shot Deluxe incorporates a safety lock feature which ensures that steam release is controlled, preventing accidental releases and guaranteeing safe operation during use.

One word of caution:  heed the instructions that are provided with the steam shot for refilling the water tank.  I made the mistake of trying to take the cap off before depressurizing it and waiting 5 minutes.  Not only did the cap blow off but steaming hot water came shooting out the top.  

Compact, Portable & Safety-Focused

The Bissell Steam Shot Deluxe excels with its compact design. Easy storage is complemented by its portability, allowing you to move seamlessly around the house.  A carry bag can be purchased separately which helps to keep the steam cleaner and all of the accessories organized.


In conclusion, the Bissell Steam Shot Deluxe has seamlessly integrated into my cleaning routine. Its versatility, safety features, compact design, and ability to handle various surfaces make it a standout choice.   If you're in search of a reliable, multifunctional steam cleaner with a focus on safety, the Bissell Steam Shot Deluxe deserves serious consideration.  Happy cleaning!

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The Bissell Pet Foundation

I love Bissell products because the company places a heavy emphasis on helping pet-owners clean up after our fur-babies.  They also have a charity called the Bissell Pet Foundation which is a national animal welfare organization that supports programs and initiatives to reduce the number of animals in shelters and increase pet adoptions.  When you buy a Bissell, you are also helping to support this amazing cause.

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